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Addie and Theo Enchanted Rock


Addie Gross

Addie has written for numerous local lifestyle websites and founded both Austin Fun For Kids and Round Rock Moms. She is always on an adventure to find the coolest and most exciting activities with her husband and three boys. Finding local hikes is her specialty! Welcome!

About Me

Mom, Writer, Photographer

Hi! I’m Addie and I love to have fun! I have written for local websites for the past 6 years and decided to start my own thing, so here I am. Welcome! I’m always out and about with my family, finding cool stuff to do, and then sharing it here with you.

I’m so grateful to be able to share my experiences with you, and love to play even a small part in helping you find fun things to do with your family.

Hope to see you out there having fun!

Addie Family Picture 2

Waiting at the cell phone lot to pick my mom up from the airport, and I just discovered this hidden gem of a playground! It’s just past the restrooms! Thought it was a brilliant touch to waiting for someone to arrive at the airport. 😉 🤗 ...